Cannabis Oil Benefits for Epilepsy and Cancer

Medical cannabis or marijuana has gone beyond obscure area of medical research to scientific medical research over the last couple of decades. The probable value of cannabis as a medicine has been proved in a wide number of research. Studies have proves that cannabis oil which is usually obtained from the cannabis plant can effectively cure cancer and many other health conditions like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, nausea, chronic pain, and many more. In fact, clinical evidence has shown that medicinal cannabis oil has a lot of benefits. In order to learn about cannabis oil benefits, you need to go through rest of the blog.

 cannabis oil

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil secured using the process of solvent extraction. It is obtained from a [lant named Cannabis Sativa Plant. In this process, dried and grounded buds are mixed with the plant based fluid. The fluid is then evaporated. On evaporation the fluid leaves behind extracts. The extract that has high concentration cannabidiol is mixed with the plant based oil.

Cannabis Oil Treats Cancer and Epilepsy

Studies have shown that cannabis oil contains high amount of CBD and low amount of THC in them. The cannabinoids works on the cancer receptors and inhibits the growth of the cancer cells. Practically it stops the cancer cells to get its essential nutrients by blocking its pathway. Eventually, cancer cells die.

Apart from treating cancer cell, cannabis oil can benefit patients with epilepsy. It can control epileptic seizures as it contains non-psychoactive compounds in them. The cannabidiol can help to treat epileptic conditions and seizures.

How Cannabis Oil Benefits Cancer and Epilepsy?

Treat Cancer

Cannabis oil benefits cancer, epilepsy, and many other health conditions. This is because cannabis oil contains high amount of CBD and lower amount of THC. When the cannabinoid receptor sites connect with THC, it causes an increase in the ceramide synthesis.  When ceramide synthesis increases it causes the death of the cancer cells. However, the most important reason behind the death of the cancer cells is the slight shift of the mitochondria. As you might know mitochondria is responsible for producing energy for cancer cells. Increased ceramide level leads to membrane limpidity. Thus, it pushes out cytochrome C. This in turn leads to the death of cancer cells.

In fact, the benefit of using cannabis oil is that it kills cancer cells with the production of protein p53. Basically, it causes disruption of calcium metabolism and survival pathways.

Treat Epilepsy

One important cannabis oil benefits is that it can treat epilepsy. Medical cannabis contains anticonvulsant property like THC and CBD in them. The cannabinoids work on various targets like calcium ion channels, sodium ion channels, GATA system, and receptor antagonist. When CBD gets in touch with CB1 receptors it can inhibit the epileptic convulsions from appearing again. The high amount of CBD is beneficial in controlling and reducing seizure.

cannabis oil benefits

Cannabis oil benefits cannot be undermined in the medical history. It is known for providing a wide number of benefits to the people like reducing the risk of cancer, reducing inflammation, reducing anxiety or seizures. In fact, cannabis oil is considered as the best alternative treatment for any health conditions.